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I’m @aman_sk8_

 I’m 22 years old and I’m from Calicut. I’m Studying Bachelor of commerce and I really like going to trips. that’s my favourite stuff to sesh to when skating parks. Really fun, groovy stuff.

I love skating with music. Obviously if you’re seshing with friends, headphones are not the thing to do though. I started skating by myself and just doing that, having music on, it’s kind of nice, it just zones you out. I have certain songs that I associate with things I’ve done. Dropping into the fullpipe at Millz has a specific song I like to listen to. Dropping in on this wall at The Compound has another song.

1 picked it up literally out of nowhere. I started when I was 18. And then one day I saw my neighbour is playing skateboarding his at home alone he skates good he was cruising and pushing on his board. My friend, the guy, made a comment wondering why not many boys skate, or pick it up for the long run, and I don’t know, it just made me think. But after those first few pushes, even though I didn’t have any balance, I just got hooked on it.

I went to work and bought a skateboard for the first time, its worth 3k It had colourful prints on it, really cool, 7.75″, and I just practiced day in day out on the road out front of my house, just getting my balance. Then on my third or fourth day I went to the basketball court, which was very convenient.

1 love skating by myself. I love skating with friends, too, but I just feel like when you’re by yourself, you can just take it with you wherever. You can just chill in a parking lot,on a sidewalk, on the Riverwalk, I like that. It helps a lot. became very confident and courage doing anything now I’m participated 3 times in state skateboarding championships and also national championships at  Across the country. Attended events in many places in India.

My biggest dream is to become a professional skateboarder and Start a skateboarding academy in My hometown (Calicut) for the future generation.