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Beyondburg Inc., the home grown burger stand founded by friends Chef Mohammed Anas and Ajmal Jaseem, originated as a fresh and organic take on fast food. The journey began in 2017 with a modest kiosk in Bengaluru, envisioned as a takeaway spot offering a diverse menu. The brand’s transformation into what it is today stems from a shift in the team’s vision – a commitment to producing and serving high-quality, authentic food. To realize this vision, the founders introduced a limited menu featuring top-notch ingredients and a focus on sustainability.

In 2020, the first branded Beyondburg Inc. outlet emerged in Kozhikode, Kerala, followed by a flagship store in Kochi. Now, with a recent addition in Bengaluru, the brand is set to expand its presence to Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Beyondburg Inc. is driven by a vision to bring its dream of nutritious, sustainable food to every corner of Asia.

100% Locally sourced meat from speciality butchers

Freshly baked brioche buns.

Sustainably sourced coffee beans from organic plantation

Freshly-Harvested vegetables produced from a farm committed to organic practices.


At Beyondburg Inc., a burger is not something that is mindlessly thrown together with a whole lot of processed ingredients. Bringing real flavour and nutrition to the table is the revolutionary idea that drives the brand, which does not see burgers as junk food. We are working hard to reposition burgers, as well as the other offerings on a burger store menu, as a tasty, nutritious and healthy choice.

We are happy to bring to our customers a limited menu with a focus on delivering flavour and nutrition to the plate, in terms of our burgers and drinks. Our signature burger, Smash Burger, is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, both for in-house dining and for takeaway. Besides, we also have a lot of takers for our yummy Animal Fries, Chicago Style Hotdog, and the cookies that are baked in-house as well as our milkshakes and nitro brews.


We source our coffee from the sustainable Ekata farms in Chikmagalur. The vegetables come in fresh from the Purple Patch farm in Nilgiris . And going forward, we have plans to grow vegetables in-house as well, using hydroponics. We also source our meat in the cuts that we prefer directly from local farms and butchers. Working with local farmers and butchers is a high-impact choice we make, in order to reduce the carbon footprint and to ensure freshness, quality and flavour.


Which is why Beyondburg does not offer soda-based sugary drinks on its menu. There are milkshakes, slushy beverages and sustainably-sourced organic coffee, which is also offered in the form of nitro brews for a fizz that isn’t artificial.

Making Burgers Great Again
By Modern-Day Chef

Welcome to Modern Day Chef, the brainchild of Anas, a foodpreneur with a passion for making burgers great again. After working in various kitchens across the country, Anas finally realized his dream of opening his own restaurant in Bangalore in 2017. With the help of his best friends, he started Beyondburg Inc, a venture that brings his vision of the perfect burger to life.

Anas’s journey to success is a story of perseverance, dedication, and hard work. As an aviation dropout, he knew that he wanted to pursue his passion for cooking and create something unique. Anas’s approach to Burger is complicated, blending the fast food category with organic and sustainable practices. By using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, adopting sustainable cooking methods, and ensuring 100 percent plastic-free packaging, Anas and his team have created mouth-watering burgers that are truly exceptional.


We do understand that the world is shifting away from a consumerist overdrive to a more eco-conscious, mindful space. We are focusing on building a loyal base of customers who are aware of this shift, as well as catering for a multitude of aspirational consumers who would like to make this shift.
We are very focused on our usage of plastic and water. Reducing single-use plastic is one of our key focal points. We aim to be 100% single-use plastic-free by the end of 2023. We are proud of the fact that we are already at the 97% mark of meeting this goal, having moved all our burger packaging and pouches to paper. Even the interiors of our outlets focus on being as environment-friendly as possible, from using reclaimed wood for all furniture to using indoor plants that are purify air. We believe that our eco-conscious attitude should extend to every single detail across the board.


Our strategic plans encompass expanding our presence in India, starting with Bengaluru and Chennai in 2023, and later extending to Hyderabad and Trivandrum. Once we have established a strong foothold and streamlined operations in India, we aim to introduce the Beyondburg brand to the UAE.

Throughout our journey of expansion, we are committed to building a comprehensive brand image and positioning ourselves as a pioneering force in the food industry. To achieve this, we seek to forge collaborative marketing partnerships, establish unique venues that reflect and celebrate the vibrant pop culture of each city we operate in, and collaborate with esteemed chefs across the nation.

We acknowledge the inherent challenges in growing a sustainable burger brand, but we have devised well-defined targets to fulfill our dual objectives of growth and sustainability. Our aspiration is to cultivate a responsible and eco-conscious brand that upholds uncompromising standards in terms of quality, nutrition, and sustainability.


Sustainability enters all our practices at Beyondburg, right from the cuisine to day-to-day operations and people management. We believe in investing into our team by providing them with the best of learning and growth opportunities, as well as the ideal ambience for them to work and grow in. The idea is to help families through the individuals that work with us, to upskill and empower people, and offer equal pay and other benefits. Being an equal opportunity employer, we also place special emphasis on constantly working towards making Beyondburg Inc. one of the best workplaces to work at. To this end, we handhold our employees on both professional and personal fronts, ensuring that they grow along with us. We understand that the brand is only as good as its team, and we place a lot of focus on the ‘human’ part of HR, making Beyondburg Inc. a wholesome place to learn and grow in.

Our menu is rich with most modern delicacies of western and regional specialties. All our dishes are tested and proven to be world-class in terms of taste and quality

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meenu anitta
meenu anitta
Tasty burgers, good quantity, nice ambiance. Good place to sit and relax with friends.
Instagrammable vibes all throughout. Burgers are really good too.
Nikhil P Tomy
Nikhil P Tomy
Sprb & yummy.
Suraj EG
Suraj EG
Very costly while comparing to other spots.
Sandhra Baiju
Sandhra Baiju
Being a burger fanatic, I highly recommend this place. Ordered the Beyond House Burger, and it was just perfect! They have a good variety of hot and cold beverages; tried the hazelnut iced latte which was very refreshing.
Abijith Pradeep
Abijith Pradeep
3 words: Best in burgers.



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Whether you’re hosting a private dinner party, a corporate event, or a public festival, our talented chefs can create a menu that is customized to your specific needs and preferences. From classic cheeseburgers to innovative vegetarian options, we can create a burger experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.